Decorating In Phases

Do I have to redecorate the whole room at once?

Having a plan before you get started can be a big help. It is like a road map that will get you back on track even if you have to stop along the way.

The pictures below show the same room in different stages of completion. We started with an empty room, added the basic furnishings, and then later added window treatments and accessories.

Wall color can make a big difference in the room. Although it might be the first thing we do in a room makeover, paint color is usually the last thing we select for the room. That is because there are hundreds of colors and shades of the same color, but ONE will be just the right color.

We start with an inspiration piece. It can be a fabric (such as the bird print fabric below), a piece of art, or an area rug. From that inspiration piece, all of the other colors and finishes in the room can be selected.

Call the SWAT Design Team and let us help you come up with a plan that fits your timeline, your lifestyle, and your budget.